Hair colour Bristol at Central Studio’s salon

4 Reasons to Have Your Hair Coloured Professionally

The world of hair colouring is vast, and there are thousands of products available today that can change the colour of your hair. Although many of these are designed for ease of use at home, they often turn out badly, leaving you disappointed with a hairstyle that you’re not happy to leave the house with.

We’ve had an incredible number of clients over the years heading into our salon near tears with the results of their home boxed hair dye job, as often, only a professional can bring their hair back to life. Yes, having your hair coloured in a salon may be more expensive than doing it yourself, but there are plenty of reasons why the salon is a MUCH better option, read on to find out…

The Colour

If you have a particular colour that you’d like to achieve, a salon professional will be able to talk through your options and give you realistic advice. If you’re looking for an exact shade of blonde, red, blue or brunette, they’re the best people to do this for you. Obviously, if you are aiming to transition from jet-black hair to platinum blonde, it isn’t going to happen overnight. However, our consultants will be able to talk you through the gradual process and help you to achieve your goals without ruining your hair! Professional hair colourants keep your hair in better condition, last longer and when applied by an experienced specialist, can be mixed to your exacting desires – home dye, on the other hand, can turn out in many, many different shades and is often a little patchy!

The Expert Advice

With many year’s worth of colouring experience, our hairdressers will be able to offer you the best tried and tested advice about your hair colour and hair type. This will range from the best hairbrushes, shampoos and conditioners to the ultimate treatments, purple shampoos and any other hair-related needs you may have. All of your hair worries will be eased by our professional team who are always on hand to offer their expertise during your salon visit. Here at Central Studio, we have regular visits from Colour Consultant, Michelle Blake, who offers a fantastic service which is much loved by our customers. Take a look at the video below to find out more…

The Condition

The condition of your hair before and after is an essential part of the colouring process, particularly when hair bleach is involved. If you damage your hair at home, it is often irreversible, and you’ll need some very intensive treatments to keep it manageable. However, in the salon, we’ll always ensure that your hair is left in the best condition possible. With innovative services, treatments and products such as Kerastase, SmartBonds and L’Oreal, you can be rest assured that your hair is in good hands and will leave with a beautiful sheen on your new colour. Find out more on how SmartBonds work in the video below:

The Experience

Aside from the expertise and actual colouring process, the treat of visiting the salon is a luxury in itself. If you’re looking for hair colour Bristol, our salon offers a wonderful, vibrant environment for you to enjoy. Our newly renovated coffee lounge and our welcoming and friendly stylists mean that every experience will be one to remember. Enjoy a 5-minute luxury consultation with us before your appointment, and we’ll be able to tailor our services to your needs, ensuring you leave as happy as can be! This service is offered within our colour consultation lounge where we utilise tools such as the cape and boards shown in the video above.

Book your luxury consultation today and let us give you the hairstyle of your dreams!