7 Ways to Prep for an Upcoming Wedding

With wedding season about to swing into action, we are all very excited to see what this season brings in terms of trends, traditions and beautiful photographs! If you are a blushing bride to be or a wedding attendee, then you’ll want to look your very best for the big day, so we’ve got seven ways that you can ensure that you are 100% prepared for the upcoming big day!

1. Pamper party

Who doesn’t love a pamper party? Well, what better excuse to have one than a looming wedding day? A pamper party is the perfect opportunity to get all the girls together for a catch up and some quality time. Bring along facemasks, body wraps and foot spas for the ultimate experience (and don’t forget a bottle or two of bubbles too!) This is best done just a few days before the wedding and is often a great opportunity for the bride to relax and take a breath from all the wedding plans!

2. Full body massage

If you’re feeling a little tense, why not book yourself in for a full body massage? This can relieve the tension in your body, which also leaves your skin feeling supple and smooth if you are going bare legged to a summer wedding! This indulgence will leave you feeling brand new, and also offer health benefits of improved circulation and younger looking skin too!

3. Hair treatment

Once your body has been pampered to perfection, it is time to move on to your hair. Here at our salon in Bristol, we have a range of hair treatments that will have your locks feeling silky smooth with a mirror shine on the big day. We’re sure that the brides are all booked in for a glamorous up-do already, but if you’ve not yet got the date in the diary, enquire today, and we will provide you with a luxury consultation to find the perfect style for you.

4. Nail TLC

Whether you opt for a fancy set of acrylic nails, a glossy layer of gel polish or a simple lick of paint, your nails can pull an outfit together with perfection! As it is a big occasion, you might want to treat yourself and book yourself in for a mani-pedi. Go on, treat yourself!

5. Emergency kit

Calling all bridesmaids, have you prepared an emergency kit for the big day? Make sure that you’re prepared for all sorts of disasters, you’ll need: deodorant, hairpins, hairspray, blister plasters, pressed powder, pain killers, lip balm and a nail file. You never know when a stray hair will go rogue or a nail might snag, so being prepared for every eventuality will soften the blow and ease some of the worries you may all have for the day! You might want to bring a packet or two of tissues also for when the tears of joy start to spout!

6. Up your brow game

Your brows can frame your face beautifully, but it is worth ensuring that they are tamed to perfection before the big day. Often it will just take a little bit of professional re-shaping to transform your brows, and will only take around 10 minutes. Keeping them in good shape can often help you when applying makeup, as it gives you a better shape to work with. It could be your saving grace when the wedding day comes!

7. Make your skin glow

Whether you’re a fan of the fake tan or simply want to perfect your complexion for the upcoming event, paying a little extra attention to your skin in the weeks leading up can make a massive different. Embark on a deep cleaning routine with pore strips and make sure you moisturise every day. Take your pick from gradual tanning moisturisers to salon professional spray tans and get your glow on! For those who want to steer away from the tan, you will still want to ensure that your skin is radiant, so take careful care of your precious skin. Maybe a facial will do you good?

Once the big day arrives, you can kick back and enjoy, knowing that all your preparations have paid off and your look really has the wow-factor. If you’ve done all you can, then the day should run as smooth as your legs, and it will all have been worthwhile!