The Complete Guide To Hair-Washing

Washing your hair is a part of life. Whether you do it daily, every few days or weekly, love it or hate it; lather, rinse, repeat, towel dry, blow-dry, style. It’s second nature, and in this day and age, it’s practically innate. But how much thought do you actually put into the product that plays such a major role in your hair care routine?

a woman gets her hair washed

Some of us are blessed with shiny, voluminous hair that is bouncy and full of life, no matter what we do with it. The harsh reality, is that this only applies to less than 1% of the population. The rest of us, meanwhile, are browsing aisles in Boots looking for the next best miracle blend that can transform our locks into luscious manes.

First of all, you must select a shampoo based on your hair type. This is usually easy to spot, as the packaging will point you in the right direction. Below, you will find a list of things to look out for when shampoo shopping:

Dry Hair

As the end of summer looms ever closer, the dry conditions combined with a holiday in the sun has probably began to take its toll on your lush-looking locks. Opt for shampoos that contain intensive moisture replenishment and be sure to scan the ingredients list in search for natural ingredients, which is likely to give a more authentic and long-lasting condition.

Oily Hair

Avoid moisturising shampoos, and scour the shelves for bottles that are purposely formulated to tackle oily hair. If your hair type matches this description then dandruff can also be an issue, as the yeast that lives on the scalp can feast on oils, and produce a by-product in the shape of a scalp flake. Trial anti-dandruff shampoos until you see an improvement.

Coloured Hair

If you’ve just had a new hair colour in Bristol, then looking after your vibrant locks is of paramount importance! Choose a colour-preserving shampoo, that gives the radiant colouring the best possible chance of surviving for longer. Blondes, both natural and dyed, will be all too familiar with the wonders of purple shampoo!

Fine/Curly Hair

Look for a volumising shampoo that can give your hair the oomph it needs, if you feel that it is a tad on the flat side. On the other end of the spectrum, curly-haired girls should consider shampoos that are specifically for dry/chemically treated hair, in order to tame fly away hairs.

These shampoos will usually come with a sister conditioning product, so it’s only sensible to trial them out together for maximum effect. The same rules apply, and it’s a good idea to buy conditioner that is purposely formulated to tackle the problems facing your hair type.

We’ve got a fantastic range of Kerastase and L’Oreal products in the salon to suit all hair types, so why not pop in and we can help you to find the perfect product?

Conditioner FAQs

Should you condition your hair?

With professional advice being thrown around left, right and centre, it’s difficult to know who’s directions to follow when it comes to conditioning. However, there is absolutely no harm in conditioning every time you shampoo, and it actually makes your hair feel softer, smoother and easier to style. Leave-in conditions can also work wonders for dry, damaged or brittle hair that could use a little revamp.

Should you wash your hair daily?

Ah, this old chestnut that pops up time and time again. We’re not sure how else we can tell you unless we shout it from the rooftops! How many times you wash your hair completely depends on your hair type, and there is one set of rules to follow. Some wash everyday, some wash once a week; there are pros and cons to both, and other factors such as daily routine, hair styles and even how you sleep can affect your hair care routine. The bottom line is, you keep doing you.

What’s the best hair-washing technique?

Washing your hair may feel like a no-brainer, but believe it or not there are certain techniques that outperform others when it comes to effectiveness. Massage the product into your hands before lathering gently onto your hair, starting at the crown and working your way down.

Essentially, working with shampoo and conditioner is basically a trial and error process. If your hair feels sub-par, then try out a new shamp and condi until you find one that works well for you and your lifestyle.


Image credit: Brentron2000