How to Deal with your Hair Before, During and After the Gym

As much as your luscious long locks look beautiful for most of the day, when it comes to heading to the gym, it’s often difficult to know what to do with your hair. The difficulties start with how to keep it out of your face during a workout, and end with what to do with your hair once you’re finished. But fear not, as our guide is here to help you to tame the tangles and not let your hair stop you from performing to your best.

Gym Hairstyles

There are plenty of ways to style your hair for the gym, and the main features of these hairstyles are that they’re comfortable and secure. A few of our favourite gym hairstyles include:

– The classic pony

– Plaits (single or double: French or Dutch)

– Plaited fringe pony (perfect for people with fringes)

– A low bun

– A braided halo

– A fishtail braid or two

– Half-up, half-down bun

These styles are easy to create in a short period of time and can still look great, even while you’re red in the face and sweating buckets! To keep these styles in place, we recommend ensuring you’re using good quality hair products; thin hairbands will simply not stay. Spiral hairbands are perfect for the gym (you may have heard of Invisibobbles). The innovative design holds the hair in place without pulling or snagging and keeps your hair in place for longer and won’t leave you with a kink when you take your hair down. If you’re opting for plaits, tighter braids tend to hold better and will give your hair a fantastic texture afterwards.

Swim Hair

If you enjoy a regular swim, then it’s worthwhile investing in a swim cap. Although they aren’t the height of fashion, they can certainly help to protect your hair from the pools chemicals, and leave you with fresh, dry hair after a swim. This will also help to make your body more streamline and increase the efficiency of your swim.

If swim caps aren’t your thing, then you’ll have to work on the hairstyle of your choice. There’s nothing worse than coming up to take a breath and being blinded by a face full of hair! Therefore, you’ll need to secure your hair enough so that it won’t be set free in the water.

After the Gym

After a heavy workout class, gym session or run, you’ll often want to hop straight in the shower to get back to feeling fresh. However, this won’t always be the best thing for your hair and might make your routine a little too lengthy. Choosing a good hairstyle will help this to be less of a problem, especially with the use of plaits or a headband or head wrap and will avoid having to go through the tenuous washing, drying and styling routine again.

Lighter workouts such as yoga and Pilates will be more gentle on your hair, meaning that you won’t have to worry about re-styling once your finished. It’s good to include these lighter workouts into your routine, both for your fitness, and so that you don’t have to face the stress of after-gym hair too many times a week!

If you really feel that you need to wash your hair after a workout, it’s recommended to simply wet your hair and run conditioner through the ends rather than shampooing your scalp. This is a great way to freshen up your roots without adding an extra wash into your routine, especially if you already wash your hair everyday.

After a Swim

You should always wash your hair after being in a pool, particularly if your hair is coloured as this can affect the longevity and tone of the colour. Use a clarifying shampoo to get rid of any chemicals, and follow with a rich conditioner, which will help to bring moisture back to your hair that may have been stripped by the chlorine. Our top recommendation is from Kerastase, as they provide a whole range of products for swimmers, these are all available from the salon, so pop in for some extra advice! If you swim regularly, it’s recommended to also treat yourself to a deep-conditioning treatment every now and then to help to keep your hair in peak condition. Why not head into the salon for a hair treatment in Bristol? We’ll give you and your hair an extra special experience that will leave your hair feeling fresh and shiny, as well as giving you tips on how to keep that salon-fresh feeling at home! 

Top tips:

– Never put dry shampoo on damp hair after a workout, as it will clump between the strands; instead put the dry shampoo on beforehand as a preventive measure. We recommend the L’Oreal TecniArt Morning After Dust, available from the salon.

– Sweat can act as a salt spray and can give your hair more texture, making it easier to create a range of styles for the rest of the day or opt for the L’Oreal Tecni Art Beach Waves texturising spray, also available from the salon.

– A quick blast with a hairdryer will dry your hair and give you extra volume and texture, leaving you looking fabulous for whatever you have planned next.

Do you have any gym/workout/swim hair hacks? We’d love to hear from you!