Hair Colour Trends for Spring 2017

Now that spring has officially sprung, many of us will be adapting to new skincare regimes, dusting off our sunglasses and rifling through catalogues with the hope to achieve ‘the look’ this summer. Amidst the whirlwind of preparation, don’t neglect the need to update your hair colour, to reflect the vibrancy and brightness of the upcoming season. With more desirable weather conditions just around the corner, we can finally wave goodbye to recently donned hairstyles, including the ‘drowned rat’, the ‘dragged through a hedge backwards’ and the ‘windswept and ‘interesting’’. Make the most of calmer climates and your immaculate styles and check out our range of hair colour, Bristol.

Whether you’ve got your heart set on a bold statement or you are looking for inspiration, we’ve put together a list of some of our favourite colours that will be the bang-on-trend this spring.

Deep Chocolate Brown

This gorgeously rich shade was once purely an autumn shade but has recently adapted to a more versatile shade that can be worn loudly and proudly in spring. The biggest advantage to this colour is that you don’t need specific features to be able to pull it off and it looks fab on just about everyone! If you opt for this shade, talk to your stylist about the best options for your skin tone in order to get the ultimate look this spring!

Pastel Golden Blonde

Blondes are a traditional sign that spring is upon us and summer is on the way, but this shade introduces much lighter, brighter tones. Think sun-kissed, but not yellow, a gorgeously rich colouring that is toned down by baby lights and lighter ends, framing your face perfectly as well as complimenting your bone structure.

Strawberry Blonde

Natural strawberry blondes are the envy of all, but fear not, this look can be achieved with the help of some our professional and experienced stylists. The golden tones can bring warmth to those who choose strawberry blonde, and it works particularly well for those with fairer skin. You don’t need a tan anyway, this summer’s all about the hairdos!


Take it one step further with the beautiful hit from last summer, blorange. This killer colouring is bound to turn heads around the pool this summer, as shades of pastel red, orange and rose gold combine for a beautiful custom effect, not dissimilar to that of a blood orange hue. This gorgeous colour looks fabulous on all skin tones and is perfect for anyone wanting to make a statement this summer.

Nude Blonde

One of the most natural forms of blonde is the nude. This perfect shade mixes a super-modern, monotone-esque blonde, matching it to your skin, for a look that is currently taking Hollywood by storm. Try out this beautiful colour, and bring a whole new meaning to ‘send nudes’.

Honey Blonde

A gorgeous shade, teetering between brown and blonde, this flirty combination can be adjusted to perfectly suit your skin tone. If you can get the tone right for you, your complexion and eyes will be illuminated by the brilliant shades that shimmer in the sun. Perfect for those toying with going lighter or darker, but aren’t quite ready to commit.


Move aside ombrè; there’s a new shade in town! Sombrè encompasses all the things we loved about ombrè last year but developing the idea to achieve more of a multi-dimensional, less harsh look. Take the limelight with the beautiful style, which will undoubtedly be a talking point of envious girls who can only dream of such vibrancy.


If subtlety isn’t your thing, and you’re looking for a louder, bolder, ‘notice me’ look this summer, then a platinum shade is the one for you. The light, almost white hair colour demands attention wherever you find yourself this summer and is perfect for those looking to brighten up their spring with a new do.

If you are ready to take the plunge, then why not book an appointment through our app and experience our 5-minute 5-step luxury consultation where one of our L’Oreal colour consultants will guide you through the process to find the perfect shades for you.

Once you’re rocking a super fresh shade and feel ready to take on the world, remember your luxurious locks might need a little more TLC from now on. Speak to our professionals in the store about the ways you can maximise your colour and keep it looking as fabulous as it did on day one until you decide on your next colour change!