The Best Hair Styles for Bridesmaids

With wedding preparations in full swing, no doubt your life has turned into a whirlwind of RSVPs, catering options and wedding dress worries with any free time you do have, likely to be spent dreaming of honeymoon destinations. With such chaos unfolding around you, it’s important not to neglect your bridesmaids and everything they are doing to help. Meet and discuss the requirements of each girl individually and try to make sure everyone feels as comfortable as possible. Every girl is likely to have different face and body shapes, among other insecurities that may affect how they would like to look on your special day. We’ve created a list of some of our favourite bridesmaid hairstyle for inspiration on how everyone can look their best on the day.

The Plait Bun

An example of bridesmaid hair styles

This summer is all about plaits, and incorporating braids into the hairstyles of the bridal party is always a good idea. The nature of the style brings the hair out of their face, making for a low-maintenance styling that is likely to stay put, giving them more time to enjoy themselves, without worrying about what’s going on ‘up there’. The braids work particularly well for those who have highlighted hair, as the colours are emphasised through various twists into the bun. This style is recommended for weddings in the UK, thanks to its durability to the elements. A British summer can be as unpredictable as your drunk uncle on the wedding day, and nothing ruins the photographs quite like a messed-up mane.


Get Loose and Wavy

An example of bridesmaid hair styles

For a more relaxed vibe on the day, why not opt for a natural looking style like loose and wavy? A versatile style that works well with hair of any length, your bridesmaids are bound to have fun head-banging along to the tunes at the reception, particularly following a tipple or two of bubbly during the toasts! The waves can easily be accessorised with flower pins, crowns and fascinators, creating a gorgeous and unique look that compliments the gown. A playful, free-spirited style which each girl can adjust according to preferences, perfect for more relaxed and easy-going celebrations.


The Sleek and Slinky Bun

An example of bridesmaid hair styles

A neat and tidy way to keep hair away from the face, the sleek low bun is an elegant and feminine style that is likely to compliment most face shapes. The do accentuates the necks of the bridesmaids and is a sophisticated look that can transform effortlessly from church to dancefloor. Buns on bridesmaids work particularly well if you are planning on wearing your hair down and flowing, or even in a half up, half down, because of the contrast between the two. Pin the bun tightly in place, and you won’t need to worry about it for the rest of the night, dancing ‘til your heart’s content!


Curls for Your Girls

An example of bridesmaid hair styles

A timeless look that is the epitome of elegance, sculptured curls are the ideal choice if bridesmaids prefer to wear their hair down or if most have mid to long hair. This classic style frames the face brilliantly, and sits nicely on the shoulders, pairing well with more simple gowns and necklines. For strapless dresses, this is the go-to style to break up the outfit and can look beautiful with a simple pendant necklace. Why not treat your girls to matching necklaces, giving them something to remember the day forever? Curls are becoming increasingly popular for formal events, and with enough hairspray, you should be able to keep it in place all day and all night!


A Side Bun for Your Side Chicks

An example of bridesmaid hair styles

A traditional low side bun looks gorgeous on bridesmaids, and gives them the opportunity to try something new. The beautiful twist is flexible, in that it allows your maids to wear whichever jewellery they please, with the opportunity to add a wedding-esque hair band to finish the look. This hairdo draws attention to the face of the wearer; we recommend natural looking skin and eye makeup with a killer lip colour for a bold finish. The ultimate chic look, which looks fab in bridal party photos, and once again works well if the bride is rocking her hair down.

If any of these styles capture your eye, or you’d like to discuss your options further, do not hesitate to give us a call on 0117 929 0120 where we will be able to answer any bridal hair questions you may have. Here at Central Studio, we know how important looking flawless on the big day is, and on-fleek hair plays a major role in that. We offer bespoke bridal hair, Bristol packages that are tailored to your needs, wants and priorities to make sure both you and your bridesmaids are looking and feeling fabulous and ready for the day ahead.