Repair Your Hair With Heatless Hairstyles

Let’s face it; we are all guilty of mistreating our mane from time to time. Whether you’ve got the hair dryer blasting on full power and full heat or you’re straightening the life out of it, constant exposure to heat will eventually take its toll on your luscious locks. Excessive use can lead to that dry, damaged hair you read about on shampoo bottles and can even cause breakage. Not ideal.

One of the best ways to keep your hair in tip top condition this summer is with one of our hair treatments, Bristol, where we use the innovative formulas and advanced haircare technologies of Kerastase. You will receive a personalised hair and scalp consultation before receiving detailed advice for your hairs wants and needs and creating a tailor-made in-salon Kerastase ritual. While at the salon, you will also be given the opportunity to purchase similar products to use at home. Pop in store for an absolute steal this summer, as when you buy 3 Kerastase products, you get a mini traveller set absolutely free!

Once your hair is in fabulous condition, you’d probably like to keep it that way, and of the best ways to do this is via heatless hair styles. We’ve listed a few of our favourites to keep your hair in great condition:

Do a plait, how bow dah?

I don’t know if we’ve mentioned it before, but here at Central Studio, we love all things plait. We even have our very own braid bar dedicated to the cause! Check out these braiding basics for beginners, before twisting your hair to perfection this summer. Whether it’s an elegant French, a double Dutch or a classic plait, your hair will be kept out of your face in a neat style. The best part? Most plaits will give you beachy waves for second-day hair, allowing you another day without touching the hot stuff!

Space Buns

As fans of ITV’s Love Island will know, space buns are well and truly back. Girls up and down the country are rocking the two mini buns on the head and we couldn’t be happier about the return of this quirky look. Let your hair dry naturally after washing, before twisting your hair into the desired position. Some opt for all up; some have just mini buns with the rest of the hair down; be creative with it, and make it your own. The best thing about this style is that it can transform from day at the beach to evening cocktails effortlessly, making you ready for anything this summer!

A High Pony

Make like Arianna Grande this summer and opt for a sleek and smooth high pony. Use an appropriate shampoo and get ready to make hairspray your best friend if you opt for this crowd-pleaser. This look is perfect if you want to emphasise your facial features, and is the go-to option if you have a brand-new killer highlighting stick to show off. Once the style is completed, you’ll be ready for anything this summer, from casual brunch dates to playing games in the park, this makes for the ultimate versatile style perfect for spontaneous days out!

Embracing Au Natural!

Whatever styles you decide upon, don’t forget the failsafe classic of natural hair, don’t care. Whether you’ve been blessed with voluminous curls or your hair is completely straight, don’t forget to give your locks a break at some points and embrace what nature gave you. Your hair is a part of you, kinks and all, and it’s time to celebrate that! You’ll be surprised at how many compliments you’ll get on your natural look and your hair will certainly thank you for it in the years to come! Find a product that works for you and work with it this summer so together, you can fight the heat!

If you fancy treating yourself (and your hair!) to some luxury treatments, give us a call today or pop in and see us at your convenience, and we will discuss your wants and needs before finding a package that’s right for you.