Introducing our brand new colourist and stylist, Heather!

Heather is the latest addition to our team here at Central Studio, and we are very excited to have her on board. We thought that one of the best ways we could introduce her to all of our lovely clients is with an interview so you can find out all about our brand new stylist and colourist!

Heather, our brand new colourist/stylist

What is your job role at Central Studio and how long have you been working there?


How long have you been hairdressing in total? 

Six years – I have been hairdressing since I was 15!

How did you get into hairdressing?

My aunty also used to be a hairdresser, and I loved playing, brushing and styling my barbies hair when I was little.

Describe your normal daily routine at Central Studio. 

I’m always giggling and making jokes, but we do work hard and make sure that the client is as happy as possible with their experience. I love what colour and cutting, and I am a bit of a perfectionist, so it’s important that both the client and myself are happy with the end result!

Whats your favourite thing about working for Central Studio?

Everyone that I work with is absolutely lovely, so my favourite thing would have to be working with such a great team!

If you could impart one piece of hairdressing wisdom with your customers, what would it be?

I would love to make sure everyone understood the importance of after care and hair products to make sure the colour and style is as good as it can be, for as long as possible.

What is your favourite hair style and colour at the moment?

I love the silvery blonde colour that’s everywhere at the moment, as well as long beachy waves.

Do you have a style icon when it comes to hair, and if so who?

I have a couple! They are actress Jennifer Lawrence, singers Taylor Swift and Perrie Edwards and beauty fashion and lifestyle blogger Sophie Hannah Richardson.

What is your go-to, can’t live without hair product?

I would have to say salt spray!

What is your favourite brand of shampoo and conditioner?

Probably Davines or L’Oreal Silver Shampoo.

What is your favourite food?


What else do you get up to while you’re not at work? Any hobbies, sports, etc?  

I love dancing, clubbing, concerts, sleeping, eating, singing, getting my nails done and buying new makeup!

What’s your favourite TV show?

I love crime TV series such as Criminal Minds, CSI and NCIS as well as watching the music channel.

What is your favourite season?  

Got to be autumn!

Do you have any pets?

I love animals and I have a cat called Kernow!

Heather looks forward to meeting all of our lovely clients and can’t wait to provide bespoke hair colour, Bristol, for everyone at Central Studio! Be sure to say hello during your next appointment!