Introducing The Nanokeratin System

Do you struggle to tame your locks, suffering from frantic frizz, long blow-dry sessions and a dull finish? We’ve got the perfect product to make all your hair problems a thing of the past. The Nanokeratin is one of our ultimate favourites in the hair treatment world, and that’s why we offer it here in our salon. What’s even better is that throughout the month of March 2018, we’re offering this treatment half-price, so there’s never been a better time to put this service to the test!

What is the Nanokeratin System?

Keratin treatments have been around for a few years now, and promise to offer noticeable results that really last. The patented technology works with the blowdrying process to replace lost keratin, helping your hair to be restored to a gloriously glossy state.

How does the Nanokeratin System work?

There’s a Nanokeratin System for every hair type, whether you’ve got natural, unruly hair, coloured or chemically treated locks, rest assured you’ll be matched with the perfect product for your needs.

The unique three-step process usually takes around two-hours. It begins with a clarifying, priming shampoo, offering a deep cleanse, which prepares the hair for the next few steps. The next stage may come as a surprise, but the hair is roughly dried, ready for the next dose of keratin-goodness. Then, it’s time to generously spread the Nanokeratin therapy cream all over the hair, ensuring that every single strand is covered by the taming concoction. This is then left on the hair for around 20-40 minutes to work its magic before being blow-dried and straightened. The heat helps to seal in the keratin, activating the product to create a strong web of protection, ensuring that the results really last. Check out the video below to find out more on the process:

What are the benefits of a Nanokeratin treatment?

– Reduced blow-drying time of up to 80% (yes girls, dreams really can come true!)

– Eliminated frizz, with smooth and manageable strands

– Makes styling your hair a whole lot easier

– Increases the glossiness of your locks

– Helps to repair damaged hair

– Proven to last for up to 100-days

– Enhanced hair colour

Can the Nanokeratin System be used on coloured hair?

Of course it can be used on coloured hair; in fact, this treatment can actually work to enhance the colours and ensure that they last as long as possible to make your whole hair care regime so much simpler. This treatment can even be done on the same day as your hair colouring service, so get in touch with our salon to find out more today!

Are you ready to book your next hair treatment in Bristol? Give us a call on 0117 929 0120 or book through the app. Don’t forget, the half-price offer only lasts until the end of March!