How to Look After Your Hair this Winter

In the run-up to Christmas and the New Year, the up-keep of your hair can often fall to the bottom of your list of priorities. With the drop in temperature, your locks often struggle, meaning that some alterations to your usual routine are necessary. As the party season is now in full-force, it is likely that you’ll be wanting to have your hair looking as good as possible, so take some time and give your hair a helping hand this winter!


This Christmas, although it may be tempting to substitute every meal for chocolate, ensuring that you are maintaining a balanced diet including protein, iron and vitamins will keep your hair in its best condition. Your hair reflects how healthy you are inside, with each strand of hair needing a regular supply of nutrients to keep it looking shiny, strong and long! So, in between reaching for the cheeseboard, make sure that you’re opting for the nutrient-rich options too.


While in the warmer months you might be able to get away without frequently using heat to style your hair, you’ll likely find yourself repeatedly grabbing the hairdryer over winter. Although blasting your hair with heat can save time in the morning, it can be damaging to your locks, especially if you’re not using a heat protectant. Choose a formula that you can spray through the lengths of your hair, focussing on the length rather than the roots, before using any heated appliances in order to protect.


If you’re planning on having long, luscious hair come the summer, getting regular trims in the winter can ensure that you have minimal split ends. Visiting your favourite hair salon frequently will allow your hair to grow without breakages and means that when the warmer months arrive, you can enjoy perfect, cascading hair!

Fusio-Dose Treatment

Here at our hair salon, Bristol, we offer a range of hair treatments that can keep your hair in top condition. Transforming your hair, the Fusio-Dose treatment can be done at home or in our salon and is tailored to the needs of your own hair.

Deep Conditioning Treatment

If you don’t have the time to pop in to visit your local hairdresser, opt for an at-home deep conditioning treatment to keep your hair smooth and shiny. Creating a blend of egg yolk and olive oil, applying it to your hair before leaving it for 15 minutes, you can enjoy restoring your hair to its pre-winter state while also allowing it to grow.


Have you got any events taking place over the festive season that your hair needs to be in top condition for? If so, visit us today to book an appointment or get in touch for more information about the range of services that we can offer.