Operation HelpHomelessBristol Shoebox Appeal

As the festive season draws ever closer, we’re taking some time out of our busy schedules to think about those who are less fortunate than ourselves. This year, we are taking part in the HelpHomelessBristol Shoebox Appeal, helping to spread Christmas cheer to all in Bristol.

We know that not everyone has a spare sleeping bag or unused clothes to donate, so this year we are accepting shoebox collections as Christmas gifts wrapped up for Bristol’s homeless.

As if being homeless isn’t bad enough at any other time of the year, imagine being homeless at Christmas with no family or loved ones showing you they care…

It is for this reason that we are looking to give the homeless men and women on our streets a Christmas gift to let them know that people do care and to bring a little Christmas joy into their lives this season.

For these shoeboxes, we think that any new hats, gloves, scarves, socks, tubes of sweets, chocolates, toiletries, nail clippers, nail files and body spray might make for nice gifts. However, you can also add things that are a little different, or something more gift-like and not just a necessity; maybe some kind words in a festive card? Each box should then be wrapped in Christmas wrapping paper and marked as to whether it is suitable for a male or female recipient then can be dropping into our hair salon in Bristol.

Our address is:

Central Studio
Queen Charlotte Street

This might be a good festive task to do with the children or grandchildren to let them help a stranger this Christmas. We would like to have our collection completed by the 1st December, however, items donated after this time will still be accepted.

Let’s spread some Christmas cheer this year! 

Christmas gifts under a tree

P.S. We are also happy to take donations of unwanted Christmas presents such as socks, pants, jumpers and gift sets after Christmas, you know, the ones that get stacked away in a cupboard and never used! We know that these gifts can bring joy to someone else who is less fortunate if you have no use for them!