Nanokeratin System

We are pleased to be offering the Nanokeratin System Blowdry Treatment at our salon in Bristol.  This is a fantastic hair treatment that delivers great smooth manageable hair for up to 12 weeks. The Nanokeratin system visibly reduces unsightly frizz and maximises shine, whilst boosting condition, strengthening and nourishing the hair all in one go.

We know how bad hair days can be stressful, we know years of styling and colouring can leave hair prone to frizzing, and we also know how much time and effort it takes to keep it looking beautiful. With this revolutionary treatment, however, your hair troubles will be eased and you will have smooth, manageable hair which lasts!

The Nanokeratin system has pioneered the next generation of smoothing treatments for long-lasting results. It uses a unique three step process to restore your hair to its optimum condition and helps to keep it that way for up to 100 days afterwards, whilst keeping the natural movement in your hair.

Just a few of the benefits includes:

– Reduced blowdrying time

– Eliminates frizz

– Allows easier styling of hair

– Enhances and locks in colour

– Increases shine and smoothness

– Repairs damaged hair

The Nanokeratin treatment can be applied on the same day as your colour and styling appointment, which means a complete hair transformation is achievable in one go. Pop into the salon and ask your hair stylist for more information on how to keep your locks looking fresh for longer or give us a call on 0117 929 0120.