Short Hair, Don’t Care!

Many girls up and down the country have considered the chop. Whether they’ve been warned off by friends with bad experiences (‘it took forever to grow back’) or they haven’t plucked up the courage to say goodbye to their long locks, there’s inevitably a niggling feeling inside that’s saying what if? With summer and a whole line-up of festivals just around the corner, there’s no time like the present to go short. Short hairstyles are, on the whole, easy to maintain, allowing you to drift effortlessly from pool to party on your summer holiday this year, while the rest of the squad argues over the hair dryer.

We’ve put together a few of our favourite styles that are bang-on trend this summer, to give you some inspiration to go short…

Easy waves

A beautiful example of a short hair style

One common misconception that is associated with chopping your hair off, is that you must now wear it neat, down and straight for the foreseeable future. But rocking a shorter hairstyle doesn’t mean you need to turn into a Boring Barbara when it comes to styling. For natural-looking, holiday-esque waves, try sleeping with braids in, or use mouse to scrunch your locks upwards after a shower. The waves will frame your face brilliantly, and is, for the most part, weather resistant to the elements, making it the ideal festival go-to.

Curls for the girls

Here at Central Studio, we are obsessed with sculptured curls on short hair. For a voluminous, bold statement that screams wild, while maintaining a feminine and elegant look, sculptured curls is the go-to look for short hair this summer. The shorter hair allows the curls to frame your face beautifully, acting as somewhat of a mane. This can also be representative of your fiery, lioness character and personality if appropriate. Curl as you would with long hair, but be sure to protect your hair with heat protecting products to avoid damage. A timeless style that doesn’t look like it’ll be going out of fashion any time soon, and a guaranteed head turner at any festivals you have scheduled for this summer!

Just add colour

A beautiful example of a short hair style

Why not really give people something to talk about this summer, and throw a bold, statement colour into the mix? We love the contrast of an elegant, neat bob with a contemporary splash of colour, making for a daring debut to your summer festival line up this year. Summer is the time to be experimental with your hair, so be brave in choosing your favourite colour and wear it with pride wherever you may wonder. It’s easy to incorporate different pastel tones throughout your hair and the semi-permanent option gives you flexibility if you have a change of heart. You can’t be too old for a colour, and women of all ages are jumping in on the trend. If you fancy changing your hair colour, Bristol is the place to be, and you can pop in and see us at Central Studio for a free colour consultation!

The full-fringe bob

A beautiful example of a short hair style

A popular hairstyle of choice for those looking for a professional daily look that can still be bought to life when the sun goes down. The straight full fringe compliments the shape of your face, making it the ideal choice for those wishing to highlight their bone structure. The rest of the hair can be worn straight, wavey, curly  or for minimal maintenance, wear it however you woke up that morning, cue the hashtags #IWokeUpLikeThis and #ShortHairDontCare. No matter how you caption your social media snaps, this quirky style will have heads turning all over the place, and allows you to flow effortlessly from professional and formal at work to cool and casual at Friday night drinks.

However you decide to wear your hair this summer, don’t be afraid to venture away from the norm and try out something new. Keeping your hair in good condition throughout the summer is more important than ever, as locks can become dried out from the sun or greasy from sun creams. If you fancy treating your hair to some tender love and care, do not hesitate to contact us and book in your Kerastase treatment.