Fight the Frizz! How to Tame Your Mane this Summer

Summer is so close we can practically smell it here at Central Studio, and we can’t wait for everything that comes with the season. Whether you’re buzzing for your fab festival line-up or looking forward to some well-deserved chillaxing on a holiday in the sun, the excitement for the upcoming season is certainly brewing. If the good weather so far has taught us anything, it’s remember to apply sun cream; even if you ‘never usually burn’. The British sun can be a cruel mistress, as those with pale complexions have already experienced.

Sun burn isn’t the only thing you may need to consider to make the most out of your summer. Warmer temperatures can cause hair dryness and breakage, and dare we say it, frizz. If you’re often found sporting the Monica in Barbados look, fear not, for we are here to let you in on a little secret. Frizzy hair can be combated through proper hair care, natural treatments and lots of other little tips and tricks to keep you looking on point on your holiday selfies. Read on to discover how you can tame your mane this summer:

Keep hair in tip-top condition

It may come as no surprise but, as with other times throughout the year, maintaining your hair and getting regular cuts is of paramount importance. For ultimate care, pop in to our hairdresser’s, Bristol, for a Keratese treatment that will revolutionise the way your hair looks this summer. Through a personalised hair and scalp consultation, some of our expert ambassadors will be able to provide precise advice for your hair’s needs and prescribe a tailor-made in-salon Keratase ritual as a result, perfect for those looking to banish dry, damaged or unruly hair.

Wash less

Ok, so, not literally, rest assured we highly recommend showering regularly in order to ensure basic hygiene standards. That said, you and your hair could benefit from laying off the shamp and condi. This age-old trick has been used by professional hair stylists to tame unruly hair for generations, and by not washing your hair every day, your natural hair oils will be able to work their magic. A perfect technique to adapt during a festival, where the showering facilities might not be up to scratch.

Do deep condition

Be sure to allow time to deep condition your hair as and when required. Alcohol free hair masks will help to bring moisture back to dull looking hair whilst making frizzy locks much more manageable. Natural oils such as coconut and grapeseed will also contribute towards lush-looking locks this summer.

Rock the towel turban

Believe it or not, hair can become more frizzy by the most minimal of actions you probably do without thinking, such as towel drying your hair. The towel tousle causes unwanted volume around your hairs cuticles, leading to a somewhat of a ‘fro, which is fine, but only if that’s the look you’re after in the first place! Instead, gently pat your hair down with a towel, before wrapping it up in a towel to dry on its own.

Lay off the appliances

While your first instinct might be to straighten the living day lights out of your frizz, you are actually providing a short-term solution that will only feed the long-term problem. It’s easier said than done, granted, but your hair will thank you later if you opt to embrace a more natural look this summer. Accessories such as sunglasses, flower clips and crowns will make the most of your somewhat wild locks, giving you a relaxed, carefree style to make your own.

Good luck with fighting the frizz! If you’re up to something fab this summer we’d love to hear about it, so let us know via our social media channels. Don’t forget, our fabulous braid bar is here for you should the frizz get too much, giving you the opportunity to enjoy your day without worrying about what’s going on ‘up there’!