Style Director

Alexandra – one of the happiest stylists we know!

Clients love her infectious personality and her talent for interpreting their ideas into impressive results, that they can wear with confidence. Alexandra has a flair for colour and loves to create beautiful balayages and relaxed styled waves.

I love to create everyday looks that will suit my clients and that they can produce easily at home, because what’s the point if you can’t make yourself look fabulous every single day?

Wedding and occasion hair is one of most greatest passions, I love to create boho style up do’s but I can change it up and create a classic look too. I feel like when I get creative my personality comes out even more.

When a client leaves the salon feeling happy and satisfied with what I have done, it is the best feeling in the world! So you will not leave until we are both satisfied I can assure you. Remember your crown is your hair.

Enjoyed my visit and was looked after well. Left with a stylish cut and feeling very glamorous. Thank you .