Top 10 beauty trends to look out for this summer

The recent heatwave that took the UK by storm marked the official start of the summer season, and that meant that dodgy sun burns were the talk of the country. To celebrate the warmer weather, we decided to look at the ultimate beauty trends and talking points to look out for this summer, from glitter lips to killer plaits, here’s 10 of our favourites:

Healthy Hair, Don’t Care

In our humble opinion, one of the best trends of the season is healthy hair! Gone are the days of sizzling our hair with straighteners and who wants to blow dry in this heat anyway? It’s time to embrace the natural you, and whilst not all of us are lucky enough to transition effortlessly from shower to catwalk – I mean, can anyone? – there are much healthier ways of taming your mane. The best way to start is with one of our hair treatments, Bristol, that will give you luscious-looking locks all summer!

healthy hair following one of our hair treatments, Bristol.


Grin and Bare-Face it

The ‘no make-up’ look is by no means new, with icons such as Kim Kardashian-West wearing no makeup on the Balenciaga front row and Alicia Keys deciding to scrap cosmetics all together. Many of us opt for scrapping the foundation on holiday, but why not try and go the whole summer sans foundation? Not only will it give your skin a well-deserved break and a chance to breathe, but instead of slaving away in front of the mirror you can spend more time out and about absorbing that all-important vitamin D.

Go makeup free this summer!

Braids for Days

From skinny braids to voluminous plaits – the twisting of hair has never been more popular! This year’s go-to festival look is the long dutch braids, keeping your hair out of your face and under control throughout the day and long into the night. The possibilities of what you can do with braids are endless, and each look is an easy-maintenance option that is durable to the elements, in case the real British summer time comes along anytime soon! It helps if someone in your squad can braid, but they are likely to be in high demand this summer. If you have a special occasion coming up, pop into our braid bar for a spectacular look to set you apart from the crowds this summer!

Braids from our braid bar in Bristol

Be Bold

Summer is, and always has been, about sporting bright and bold shades. This year, that has never been more relevant, with celebrities and influencers sporting bright shades of red, pink and peach to name just a few. Lipstick is the ideal way to transition from a day at the beach to cocktails with the girls, and is bound to boost your confidence on the dancefloor!

bold lips are a fabulous trend this summer

Go Short or Go Home

Low-maintenance, fun to style and bang on trend; what’s not to like about short hair? If you’ve been umming and ahhing about committing to the chop, there’s no time like the summer to introduce a new you! Even if you aren’t completely sure, the great thing about hair is that it does grow back, so just embrace the statement until your locks are back to full length! If you’re feeling really daring, consider a Kristen Stewart-esque cut!

a beautiful short hair style at our hair salon in Bristol

Nail it

With acrylic and gel nails taking the world by storm, there’s not better time to maintain your nail game than summer. Nails can include any number of patterns, different colours, glitter, symbols or even pictures, giving you an individual, quirky look for your summer parties. If false nails aren’t for you, keep your nail beds healthy and get creative yourself with pastel colours, keeping them neat and tidy throughout the summer. Hand jewellery is all the rage this summer, and the sparkling gems will look even better when set aside a gorgeous set of nails.

a beautiful set of acrylic nails

Go Glitter Go

Whether you’re festival ready for the weekend or you’re popping out to the shops, glitter is the failsafe, go-to addition to any outfit this summer. There’s been no shortage of shimmer on the catwalk, and this season is set to be somewhat of a sparkly affair. Opt for a cool pattern on your face for a special occasion, or add some oomph to a simple style with some glitter lips. You can even accessorise your hair with glitter, for the ultimate sparkly and mermaid-esque statement with the wow factor!

Incorporate gorgeous glitter in hair this summer

Peachy hair

One colour that’s screaming out to us here at Central Studio is peach. The beautiful, light and airy shade is perfect for summer and adaptable to many occasions, from weddings to holidays. Peach can be adopted by hair of any length, thickness and style, making it the ideal choice for anyone and everyone. The versatile colour tends to suit most skin complexions and can be paired with an array of hair accessories for a killer, unique look this summer.

peach is the go to colour for this summer

The Festival Look

Say hello to floral and fauna, as festival or no festival, this look is here to stay. Accessorise your hair with flower pins and crowns, and jump on the embroidered clothing bandwagon, whatever the occasion. It’s practically impossible to be over-flowered, so embrace the focus on natural this season.

flower crowns are great for festivals

Get the Glow

There’s nothing better than a healthy glow on your skin this summer, and if the warm weather continues, this could even occur naturally! If you have a naturally pale complexion, and need a little assistance – let’s face it, most of us do – then why not start with the application of a gradual tanning moisturiser? This allows you to build a naturally sun-kissed look without posing any health risks to your skin.

Get sun kissed skin in time for summer