Top Tips for Growing Your Hair

We’ve all been at the stage in our lives when you just get fed up with your hair, whether that led you to chopping it off in the first place, or meant that you’d be spending months waiting for the length to return. Don’t even get us started on deciding to grow out a friend either! Although growing your hair is one of the naturalist and most effortless tasks for most, it can seem like a long and treacherous journey. We’re here today to offer our support to anyone going through this tough time and give you some of our top tips to help you reach your ultimate hair goals!

1. Use High-Quality Hair Products

Using poor quality products can often do more harm than good to your hair. Here in the salon, we always recommend the use of our favourite shamp and condi providers Kerastase, and there are plenty of products available in the salon to meet the individual needs of your hair. We’ve also just launched the new natural and organic range of products, Source Essentielle, which will certainly help you to care for your hair!

2. Avoid Split Ends

Although cutting your hair may seem counter productive, cutting your hair keeps it much healthier and can help the growth process. No, it isn’t going to make it grow any faster, but this will mean that you don’t have to have several inches cut off next time you visit the salon as your split ends have gone too far.

3. Eat Well

Your diet can have a surprising effect on the growth of your hair, and if it’s getting everything it needs, then your hair will most likely grow better than if your body is lacking. You need to pay particular attention to the vitamins and minerals in your foods, if your diet alone doesn’t meet up to the daily requirements, there are plenty of supplements that can help you out.

4. Brush Carefully

We all know how difficult the morning struggle of detangling your weave of hair can be, but it’s important to remain patient and calm rather than ripping out any knots. Work from the bottom of your hair upwards, and add a little serum or conditioning treatment to the ends if needed. Try not to over brush either, as this can cause strain on the strands and cause them to snap.

5. Sleep on Silk

Silk has some incredible properties, most notably for being incredibly soft. Now, we’re not saying that if you sleep on silk your hair will definitely feel silky smooth, but it will certainly help! The softer surface means that there is less friction between your hair and a typical cotton pillowcase, meaning you should wake up in the morning with less of a mess to detangle.

6. A Cold Rinse

Now that the summer is just around the corner, the thought of a cold shower fills us with less horror. Once you’ve washed your hair, it is good to have a quick cold rinse as it will help the outer layers of hair to sit more smoothly, reducing frizz and helping to generate a smooth and shiny finish. This doesn’t need to be long, just a few seconds will certainly help you on your journey to meet your hair goals!

7. Treat Yo’self

Get yourself a booking in your local salon for a hair treatment to ensure that your hair is looked after as well as it should be. Our hair treatments in Bristol range from a Fusio-Dose treatment to the much loved Nanokeratin system and can work wonders for the condition and manageability of your hair. If you want to know more, check out the guides linked above or pop into the salon and we’ll be happy to help!

8. Consciously Colour

You want to keep your hair colour looking at its best, which often means that you need to top it up regularly. Here at Central Studio, we ensure that our colouring processes cause as little damage as possible, with innovative treatments such as Smartbond helping us to repair the hair throughout. The thing that must be avoided at all costs is applying hair dye at home, as this can be detrimental to the condition of your hair, particularly if you’re trying to lighten the colour. Leave yourself in the hands of our experts and you’ll walk out feeling full of life and ready to grow your hair as long as Rapunzel!

Do you have any top tips for growing your hair? We’d love to hear from you via our social media channels!