Top trending festival hair styles for 2017

Summer is just around the corner, and for many that can only mean one thing; festival season is upon us. Whether you’re keeping it real by the beach at Boardmasters or frolicking around in the mud at Glastonbury, you’re bound to have the time of your life, making for a summer you’ll never forget. However, with all that head bopping, how you choose to style your hair for the weekend has never been more important. Whilst some of us might be lucky enough to be heading further afield in hot spots such as Croatia this summer, many of us will have to make do with the somewhat unpredictable weather of the UK. We’ve put together some of our favourite, most durable hair styles that are perfect for UK festivals, giving you one less thing to worry about this summer!

Minimal plaits

Tame the loose strands at the front of your hair with a tiny little braid, for a chic look that will never go out of style. Create the braid using a simply French plating technique on your preferred side, and continue past the ear and towards the nape. This combination of a relaxed hair down style with a neat and tidy front plait creates the perfect chilled-out look needed at festivals. Those caught in between growing out a fringe in festival season could also benefit from a feminine plait, which is the perfect way to keep any misbehaving strands out of harm’s way. This ‘do’ is effortlessly glam, and will protect vulnerable fringes from the wind and rain.

Beach waves

Relaxed waves are an absolute staple at most festivals, and can be the perfect choice for entwining classic accessories such as flowers and daisy chains. This gorgeously natural option will maximise your care-free vibes and allow you to embrace the windswept and interesting look, should any less desirable weather occur. Dry the majority of your hair before dividing it into sections, and pinning them into small loose buns – we suggest around seven – until your hair becomes completely dry. Perfect for campers who may not have the curlers or straighteners to hand, it’s worth noting that this style also works well for the head bangers amongst us!

Beautiful braids

Plaits are always a winner at festivals, thanks to their versatile nature. A well-braided plait usually stays in place perfectly, and even if it doesn’t, messy plaits are just as beautiful and even more laidback – hello second day plait!  Whether you opt for loose or tight, French or Dutch or one, two or more, this style is so chic it hurts, and with your hair safely out the way, you’ll be able to dance your way into the early hours without a worry in the world! We particularly love crown plaits, and remember to loosen your braids for the ultimate laid back look. There’s so many different plaits out there, and all are fairly simple to master, so have a practice of different braids before you go to see which will work best for you. If you want a fabulous plait for a festival or occasion, pop in for a chat with Emily at our braid bar. Emily is a plaiting guru, and will be able to twist and turn you hair into a work of art that will stay in all day, but be quick, appointments are filling up fast!

Classic ponies

Give yourself more time to party and try out a simple ponytail for a low maintenance chic style, a timeless classic that you can add some variety to for an individual take. For a voluminous do, start by back combing your hair, giving it the oomph it needs to stand out. Smooth your hair and fix it in a low ponytail at the nape of the neck. Add a boho chic style by covering the band with a small section of hair, remembering to tuck it in at the bottom and adding some hairspray for security.

Short hair, don’t care

Short hair is an undeniable winner when it comes to festivals. The effortless nature of a short, choppy do means that you can quite literally head from bed to bopping without as much as touching a hair brush! Invest in some product to work through your hair, from roots to ends, and use a sweeping motion to encourage the direction you’d like it to sit, and voila! Your done and ready to go within minutes, with a look that is only improved by a torrential downpour. If you’ve been toying with the idea of having the chop, but have talked yourself out of it, there’s nothing like a festival to give you the perfect opportunity to make a statement! Pop down to our hairdressers, Bristol, where any member of our fantastic team can talk you through what you want and offer advice when it comes to shorter hair styles.

Top knot

It’s time to show the boys how it’s really done. A messy top knot is a festival classic, and the best part is it works well on dirty hair – an important factor to consider if the shower situation isn’t quite as you’d hoped. Put your hair in a pony, and backcomb the tail, allowing for the ultimate lively and bouncy bun that is full of volume. Wrap your hair around the band and pin it in place where necessary. Leave out strands for a sassy alternative that just screams ‘I woke up like this’. An ultimate stand out style that is going to look great in the group selfie (#Glasto2017).

Happy (almost) festival season everyone! If you’d like to create a bold, new you for an upcoming festival, pop in to discuss what you’d like or give us a call on 0117 929 0120.