Top Wedding Hair Trends for 2017

Wedding season is almost upon us, and we cannot wait to see all the photographs of stunning dresses, floral displays and of course, the all-important hair do’s of the brides and their maids! If you are still seeking a little inspiration for your own wedding hair, fear not, as we are here with some of the top wedding trends for this season – all of which can be recreated in our salon in Bristol!


Braids have been a big hit all round this year for every occasion, and weddings are no exception! Be it a classy sleek French, a unique Dutch, a braid maze or a delicate fine braided detail, they add texture to the hair and create a dreamy finish. Plus, when done properly, you can rest assured that they will stay put for the entire day, no matter how carried away you get on the first dance (or the second, third and fourth!) Leave the hairspray at home and opt for an on-trend braid for your wedding for a carefree, but still beautiful hairstyle.

Polished topknots

Although these topknots might not be in the rustic, rough and ready fashion; a sleek and pristine topknot can look very high fashion. Think perfectly primed knots with mirror shine and a polished finish. These can be as simple or complex as you like! This is a very versatile trend, with the choices of a low bun, high knot or something in between. You might find it beneficial to embark on a Kerastase treatment beforehand to help tame those stray away’s and add an extra dimension of shine to your hair.


Veils seem to have slowly faded out of fashion over the last 10 years or so, but they are now back! Go all out glam with a long flowing lace veil, or opt for something a little more quirky and subtle with something shorter. The veil has long been a traditional part of a bride’s attire, and can offer a real elegant and personal touch to your look. Discuss the options for hairstyles under a veil with your hairdresser, as they will be able to offer the best advice to match your style.


Make a statement this season with a hair accessory; take your pick from seasonal flowers to sparkling jewelled headbands. These add an element of luxury to the style and can often help to tie your overall look together. Hair accessories are often a great option for anyone opting for a simpler style, as it brings something unique to your hair with little to no effort.

Au Natural

A trend that will never go out of style is the au natural hair look. This doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to leave your hair as you usually would, but you can take a gentler approach to the style with soft bouncy waves that frame your face. The main point here is to embrace the natural form of your hair, so if it is filled with voluminous curls, work with the look, rather than trying to tame it to something completely different! Or if it is straight, why not test out a simple pony and make more of a bold statement with your makeup instead?

If you are still stuck on what style of hair you’d like for your wedding day, then get in touch and we can sit down and go through all of your options to ensure that you feel fabulous on your big day!