What’s Your Hair Type?

Hair is a wonderful thing and it’s something we’re constantly learning more about. Whether we’re testing out the latest products or offering hair-saving advice to our clients, it’s a constant interest to us. Today we thought we’d give you a little insight into a system of categorising your hair. You’ll probably be interested to know a little more about your hair type, and, what’s more, this will help you to tailor your hair care routine accordingly to make your locks as manageable as possible.

A woman with type 1a hair


If your hair is straight, fine and fairly flat, then this is likely to be your hair type. You may suffer from some greasy/oiliness too, which often means that you have somewhat of a dry shampoo addiction and are determined to wash your hair as often as possible! 1A hair is often also a little difficult to style and resents holding a curl!



If your hair is semi-straight but with a fuller strand then this could be you. Again, you may suffer from difficulties with your hair holding a shape and you’re always trialling new products to give you a bit of added volume!



The hair type of 1C is a complex category, your hair may be primarily straight but have a few rogue waves that linger under the surface and show their faces when the humidity hits. Frizz is often a problem with this hair type, and super smoothing serums are certainly needed for the warmer weather (and those drizzly days).

A woman with type 2b surf hair


Type 2A hair is often classed as the ‘bed head’ category, with a little texture in each strand but nothing that can’t be tamed. With ease of styling for straight and curly options, this is a firm favourite to be. Avoid using heavy products



The classic beach hair look would be the 2B, spritz your hair with salt spray for added texture and add in pump of mousse for an effortlessly easy style. With a relaxed wave all over, this is an easy one to handle.



Thick, even waves that look like you’ve spent hours working on this ‘do, if you’ve got 2C type hair you’ll be the envy of many as it’s the perfect balance of the types. A deep conditioning treatment here and there wouldn’t go a miss, but otherwise this is a low-maintenance type.

A woman with type 3b curly hair


Moving into category 3, this is where the girls with curls come in. Type 3A sums up any of you who have a mixture of loose curls and bouncy waves. The texture of the hair is usually fine to medium and can easily be straightened out if you have the time and the patience.



Do you have stretched out spiral curls that tumble from your scalp? Chances are that you’re a 3B kind of gal. It’s best to add product to your hair while it’s still wet for the best styling results and be sure to condition those curls on a regular basis.



A litter thicker on the scale, 3C types tend to be prone to a bout of frizz on a regular occurrence. The curls are clearly defined and can get into a little bit of a tangle. Cleansing conditioners and nourishing hair oils can help to tame the frizz and keep those locks looking shiny.

A woman with afro hair and freckles


Type 4 hair tends to be kinky, coarse and often a little dry. This tight curl can mean that your hair looks only half its length and certainly needs some heavy conditioning to ensure that all the ringlets are catered for.



A tighter and less defined curl, replaced instead with a z shape is typically a 4B type. The curl circumference is usually about the size of a pencil and the hair is again typically coarse.



If you’ve got 4C hair you’ll certainly know about it. The tight, un-patterned texture can often make it hard to handle, with frizz being one of the biggest issues. However, the volume and thickness can work in your favour if you know what you’re doing!

If you’re struggling with your hair then we’re here to help with a range of hair treatments in Bristol ready to tackle any problems. Pop into the salon for a luxury 5-minute consultation to learn more about what your hair needs!